Each Morning (Section 4 from “Hymn for Lanie Poo”)

By LeRoi Jones Image

Each Morning
I go down
to Gansevoort St.
and stand on the docks.
I stare out
at the horizon
until it gets up
and comes to embrace
me. I
make believe
it is my father.
This is known
as genealogy.


I love poetry and genealogy. When the 2 come together it’s FABULOUS! Enjoy. 


Author: nichellemhayes

I am a part-time blogger and a full time observer of people and culture. I have been researching my family history for over 20 years. I previously served as President and President-Elect (Vice-President) of the Indiana African American Genealogy Group (IAAGG). I am currently the Central District Director of the Indiana Genealogical Society. I’ve conducted genealogy lectures and training's for corporate organizations and family history centers. I have researched my maternal and paternal sides going back 7 generations. With all that work, there is still more to discover. My genealogical goals for 2018 are to submit to libraries and history centers, family history books covering several of my family lines. I am available for consultations and speaking engagements.

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