Kentucky Group Meeting – Indianapolis, IN

If you are in the Indianapolis area stop by the Kentucky Group genealogy (sub group of IAAGG) meeting is today, March  17, 2014, at the College Avenue Library.  Please be prepared to bring us all up to date on what progress/attempted progress you have made in compiling your family history in the last two months.  All are welcome, even if you aren’t a member of IAAGG.  College Avenue Branch ,4180 N. College Avenue , Indianapolis, IN 46205.  To learn more about the Indiana African American Genealogy Group (IAAGG) visit



Just dawned on me . . .

As I was writing yesterdays’ blog post about my Grandma Sissy, I realized that I don’t have a lot of the documents connected to her in an electronic format.

That is my next big task. Scan as many documents as possible, connected to my parents and grandparents. After that I’ll work my way thru the rest of the family lines.

I have a lot of information in my head, however I prefer double checking my sources before writing about one of my family members. I can’t always get to my files. I thought I had a lot of information in my electronic database. After looking at my electronic files for Grandma Sissy, I realize that I haven’t been fully utilizing my database and my electronic capabilities.

You can never be too organized or have too many back ups for your family data.

Nichelle ~
Anna Mae’s Oldest Grandbaby

My Brick Wall . . . Sissy

My biggest current brick wall is my paternal grandmother (my Dad’s mother). She died when my father was a child. My Dad didn’t talk much about either of his parent’s or his  childhood. I didn’t think to ask questions about his childhood until after his passing.  That is one of my biggest regrets.

I know her name Mary Elizabeth Connel Rhodes, she was the youngest of 8 children. Her parents were Hade  & Mattie. She was born in Barren County, Ky, on October 26, 1918 @ 5 AM. Delivered by Midwife Nancy Richardson, address Glasgow RR #1.  

For many years I searched for my Grandma Sissy (her brother Alonzo called her Sissy)  birth certificate. I was looking at the KY Vital Records database thru on September 19, 2006.  I did a search for her name.  Nothing popped up. I then zeroed in on the her mothers’ name. Mattie Emmerson. I saw a listing for a Garnel Rhood w/ Mattie Emmerson. I knew it had to be her. Her name is Connel Rhodes. It was obviously (I thought) a typo. I sent off the request to the Kentucky Registrar and waited impatiently for the record. I checked the mailbox everyday. Sometimes even twice a day.  :0)  Finally I did get her birth certificate. 

I’ve found her in several census records. However, I can’t find her in anything other than my Dad’s birth certificate.  I believe she died around the time my Dad was 12 years old. I believe she died of Consumption (TB).  I’ve looked in Kentucky and Indiana. No luck in either state.

I have no pictures of Sissy.  The picture I have of her in my mind looks a lot like her Dad and Aunt Orzie (her sister). 

Ultimately, I’d like to learn the location of  her final resting place and also a picture of her.

I think of Sissy often and I pray that her soul does rest in peace.


Anna Mae & Sissy’s  Oldest Grandbaby


Louisiana Ancestors . . . In honor of Mardi Gras


Louisa Brown was born circa 1869 in Louisiana. Her parents were Henry and Ester.  She married James Curtis in 1884.  The two had 13 children together.  They also helped to raise a few of their grandchildren.  The two lived in St. Marys Parish (southern LA).  They now have thousands of descendants all over the United States.